Summum Aeterna (2022) Review

[Proton] Summum Aeterna :: reminiscent of Rogue Legacy, this randomized action platformer has you dodging traps and fighting off monsters as you progress through a fantasy world. 7/10

Ballfrog (2022) Review

[Proton] Ballfrog :: difficult precision platformer with tongue swinging and bouncing :: try to get across stages, eating bugs and flying with butterflies. Has a few graphical issues via Proton. 6/10

Helga the Viking Warrior (2022) Review

[Proton] Helga the Viking Warrior :: match-3 puzzle adventure :: reclaim your village and free others by collecting stars and unlocking story segments. Also features two Lovecraftian creatures. 6/10

Awesome Pea 2 (2020) Review

Awesome Pea 2, the sequel to one of the first games I reviewed, is a tricky platformer where death is but a chance for perfection. It offers a great balance between frustration and motivation. 7/10

Balance Breakers (2019) Review

Balance Breakers is a casual party game where you need to collect coins while avoiding attacks from your opponents as well as the environment. It’s a simple concept, but a blast to play. 7/10

Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP (2022) Review

[Proton] Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP :: blast and slash your way forward in this arcade-like shoot ’em up :: a short but cute/fun experience, replayable with achievements and high scores! 8/10

Uncolored Bob II (2021) Review

Uncolored Bob II :: randomly generated 2D survival platformer :: travel downwards through a maze of traps and treasure, watching out for monsters along the way. Simple to play but it’s fun. 6.5/10

Speebot (2017) Review

[Proton] Speebot :: a rollin’ 3D platformer :: jump over water and collect crystals as a unicycling robot. It’s difficult to aim properly, but it’s rewarding to succeed. 6/10