Musynx (2018) Review

Musynx :: a beautiful and simple rhythm game :: while it looks great, it suffers from poor charting and some audio issues, making it difficult if you're used to other on-sync rhythm games. 6/10

Fishjong (2023) Review

Fishjong :: casual underwater mahjong puzzler :: a fun time for fans of mahjong puzzles, with an interesting sand mechanic that makes it easier to see what you can do by hiding what you can't. 6/10

Battle Part (2022) Review

Battle Part :: an arena shooter / bullet hell with tank combat :: despite a few bugs and the lack of music, this game is fun to play. You'll die often, but you'll get better each time! 6.5/10

Doors: Paradox (2022) Review

Doors: Paradox :: rotate and interact with a 3D island in order to unlock a door. The controls are simple, but the game is fun and it would be great if you want a "puzzle a day" game. 8/10

Brok the InvestiGator (2022) Review

[Proton] Brok the InvestiGator :: while I love the concept of mixing a point and click with a beat 'em up, and everything is well polished, I am not the target audience for this game at all. 7/10

Neophyte (2022) Review

[Proton] Neophyte :: spell-slinging action :: blast away enemies with a variety of spells, surviving as long as you can! This is very well polished for EA and I'm looking forward to updates. 7.5/10

Bugged Dungeon (2022) Review

[Linux] Bugged Dungeon :: turn-based dungeon puzzles :: make your moves carefully, for you will gain and lose movement keys as you walk around. It's easier than it sounds, but still challenging. 6/10

Candy Match 3 (2022) Review

[Linux] Candy Match 3 :: a clear asset flip with microtransactions hacked out :: this is a simple tile matching game designed for mobile devices with maxed out premium currency. No BGM or effort. 4/10

Summum Aeterna (2022) Review

[Proton] Summum Aeterna :: reminiscent of Rogue Legacy, this randomized action platformer has you dodging traps and fighting off monsters as you progress through a fantasy world. 7/10

Ballfrog (2022) Review

[Proton] Ballfrog :: difficult precision platformer with tongue swinging and bouncing :: try to get across stages, eating bugs and flying with butterflies. Has a few graphical issues via Proton. 6/10