Dream Fruit Farm (2022) Review

[Proton] Dream Fruit Farm :: a casual match-three with poor English :: despite the bad translation, the gameplay is fun although some levels get to be difficult, especially the time-based ones. 5/10

Greedy Corgi (2022) Review

Greedy Corgi :: a simple tile-based puzzle game :: choose your moves carefully, for eating makes you longer and you may find yourself blocking yourself. Great for playing in small breaks. 5/10

Home Designer – Makeover Blast (2021) Review

Home Designer – Makeover Blast :: break sets of tiles to earn gold and renovate houses :: it gets tedious to grind for cash but something about it is intriguing. Could use some more mechanics. 5/10

Gooberries (2021) Review

Gooberries is a Slime Rancher-like game with a more cartoonish style, making it more of a children’s game. It lacks polish, but if you’ve been looking for something similar then give this a try. 5/10

Anime Zodiac (2021) Review

Anime Zodiac :: rotating tiles, animated artwork, and character profiles :: solve puzzles to unlock art, or Ctrl+D to skip. It’s nothing special in gameplay or art, but Gemini is the best. 5/10

Soccer Cup Solitaire (2010) Review

Soccer Cup Solitaire is a card matching game from 2010. Newer monitors may run into issues with the forced fullscreen at a low resolution, but the game itself is great for soccer lovers. 5.5/10

Nyanco Mine (2020) Review

Nyanco Mine is a Minesweeper clone themed after Nyanco – there’s not much to say about it other than that. I’d only recommend it for hardcore Nyanco fans, as the game offers little else. 5/10

Minestrife (2020) Review

Minestrife feels like a reskinned version of the Minesweeper included with Windows XP, albeit with a few small enhancements such as unlimited board size. Not much new aside from the base game. 5/10

Save the Planet (2020) Review

Save the Planet is a simple yet different take on match-3 puzzles that has a bubble shooter feel to it. It’s more repetitive than interesting, but it might be fun to a niche audience. 5/10

Infinity Coloring Pixel (2020) Review

Infinity Coloring Pixel is a simple casual game where you drag your mouse over numbered tiles to fill them with their corresponding colors. It’s not much of a game, but it might appeal to kids. 5/10