Candy Match 3 (2022) Review

[Linux] Candy Match 3 :: a clear asset flip with microtransactions hacked out :: this is a simple tile matching game designed for mobile devices with maxed out premium currency. No BGM or effort. 4/10

Carrot Girl Adventures (2021) Review

[Proton] Carrot Girl Adventures :: a slippery 2D platformer with difficult controls and no controller support. It feels unfinished, with a poor UI, odd scoring behavior, and a lack of physics. 3/10

PaintBall War 2 (2022) Review

[Proton] PaintBall War 2 :: buggy frame-dropping online FPS :: this game drops at least 3/4 of the frames, making it difficult (but not impossible) to play. Not a fun experience. 2/10

Red Cap Zombie Hunter (2021) Review

[Proton] Red Cap Zombie Hunter :: a bug-ridden run-and-shoot game :: with collision and physics issues everywhere, this game is tough to play even if you forgive the graphical issues. 3/10

Gems of Magic: Father’s Day (2021) Review

[Proton] Gems of Magic: Father’s Day :: casual match-3 with luck-based gameplay :: poor level design and mechanics make it frustrating to play. Overlapped text and chopped audio give an asset flip feel. 4/10

Match Three Pirates II (2021) Review

[Proton] Match Three Pirates II :: a clunky match-3 puzzle game separated by brief theme park segments :: rough all around, with overlapping animations, glitched interfaces, and poor mechanics. 4/10


[Proton] PABG: PLAYER ANIME BATTLEGROUNDS :: a glitchy, empty battle royale where bots shoot through walls and you’re the only actual player :: sound effects have no distance, just clipping. 3/10

Mad Cart (2021) Review

Mad Cart :: traverse along a track and shoot obstacles :: it’s rather clunky and there is no way to get most of the drops until you grind for hours. The game also crashes often. 3/10

MiniFarm 2020 (2020) Review

MiniFarm 2020 :: a very buggy port of a microtransaction filled mobile app. You can’t complete the first tutorial level, and as a result, nor can you do anything else. 1/10

GlassSmash 2 (2021) Review

GlassSmash 2 :: physics puzzles, momentum, destruction :: spin hammers and release to try and destroy glass objects. Feels cheap and doesn’t offer much variability. 4/10