Jamaican Bird Pepper

Start Date: May 11th, 2020
End Date: TBD
Grow Method: Aerogarden Harvest
Grow Medium: Coco Coir pod

[ May 11th, 2020 ]
After starting the seeds on April 24th, I finally got a Jamaican Bird Pepper seed to sprout.
I moved it into a Harvest today as the only plant:

I decided to try hacking my Harvest a bit - so I removed the drip pump, and instead I hooked up a 10-gallon Whisper air pump with a small air stone. I'm interested to see how it does!

I don't have any prior experience with these peppers, so unfortunately I don't have anything to compare it to, but I'm hoping for positive results.

The seeds in question came from peppergrower2013 on eBay. They were quite pricey ($2.40 for 14 seeds) so I'm definitely hoping to get some seeds from this in the long run.

- Hexadigital