Unidentified Miniature Pumpkin

Start Date: March 19th, 2020
End Date: TBD
Grow Method: Kratky
Grow Medium: Rockwool

[ April 14th, 2020 ]
I bought the "Mini Mixed Pumpkin" seeds from By The Moon Seed - an independent farmer who I've had nothing but great experiences with.
My original order resulted in damaged seeds during shipping, and while the seller was kind enough to ship out replacements, I decided to stick the cracked seeds I had into rockwool and see if I could get any of them to grow.
One did!

Here was what it looked like as soon as it cast off the seed's shell:

Once it sprouted, I trimmed the rockwool to size and put it into my Harvest. Here it is two weeks later:
Two Weeks Old

Around the 25 day mark, I decided that it was getting too big for my Harvest and I moved it into a gallon jug, Kratky style. I also moved it away from my Aerogardens and in front of a sunny window...

Today, I woke up to find a (male) flower!
First Flower

[ April 15th, 2020 ]
Someone asked me how large the plant is overall... so here's a picture of the entire plant. The bottom/foil-wrapped container is a standard gallon sized jug.
Full Container

I probably could have gotten away with keeping it in my Harvest, but it would have been a close call.

[ April 17th, 2020 ]
A second (male) flower appeared this morning. It looks like the flowers are only open for a day, and then they start to turn into mush.

I've cut off both flowers and I've got the stamens carefully isolated, far away from any place I could accidentally knock them over or where wind might reach them.

Once I see a female flower, I'll put them to good use. Looks like there are more male flowers on the way though.

[ April 22nd, 2020 ]
Male flowers, male flowers, and more male flowers. I'm not sure how long pollen lasts but I'm probably set for a few years now.

I can see the tiniest sliver of a female flower on the way, judging by the ball-like swelling behind the flower.
If it turns out to be another male flower, I'm going to be sad.
If I don't get a female flower in the next two weeks, I'm going to be very sad.
(and so will be the pumpkin plant, since I'll stick it in a hole somewhere outside and let it try to survive)

[ May 3rd, 2020 ]
It still wasn't doing well, but now the female flower I was hoping for started to die on the edges. I think it's my fault for using RO water and not adding anything except my nutrients (aka no calcium or epsom salt).
Regardless, it was still outgrowing the indoor space I had, so I decided to move it outdoors. Today I took care of the garden (tilling, removing old weed blocker, and burning dead weeds) since it hadn't been used in a few years, and I transplanted it outside since I was already out there.

I don't think it will make it but I'm hoping for the best.

- Hexadigital