Here's a nice list of ways to see more info:
Amazon: Hexadigital
Bandcamp: Hexadigital (recommended)
Discogs: Hexadigital
Google Play: Hexadigital
iTunes: Hexadigital
MusicBrainz: Hexadigital (recommended)
Patreon: Hexadigital
Soundcloud: Hexadigital
Soulseek: Hexadigital
YouTube: Hexadigital

Here's a nice list of ways to get in touch:
Discord: Join my server here!
Email: hexadigital[at]firemail[dot]cc (recommended)
IRC: hexadigital or ##hexadigital on freenode (recommended)
Telegram: @hexadigital

You can find my PGP key over here: public-key.txt
If you have any suggestions for other services I should use, please let me know.